Algorithm to decode substitution ciphers

A few years ago, I read The Code Book by Simon Singh. At the end of the book, Singh provides a Cipher Challenge – 10 exercises to decode. For this exercise, I revisit the first challenge – a basic substitution cipher. It has been years since I looked at this book or the exercise, and […]

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Wireless Power Transfer

What is it? The transmission of electrical energy from a source (transmitter) to a load (receiver) without the use of wires or cables, but instead, by using electromagnetic fields. Wireless power uses the same fields and waves as wireless communication. In wireless communication, the signal to noise ratio is important, but in wireless power, the efficiency […]

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Energy Budget

Jaycee and I decided to work on an idea that spawned out of an early discussion for another project. The concept is to create GSM-based low power IoT devices for farms. An example use case would be to detect leaks in pipes, and notifying the farmer when something is wrong. The farmer would not have to […]

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Kinectic Energy Project

  Samantha and I set out to work on our kinetic energy project with experiments that originated in the junk shelf. We soon de…

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Experiments with coils and magnets

The past week, Samantha Schulman (fellow ITP grad student) and I experimented generating current with coils and magnets. We began by heading to the junk shelf at ITP and pulling apart anything that seemed to use coils and magnets. Salvaging #motors from the #junkshelf at #itp A photo posted by Mithru Vigneshwara (@mithru) on Feb […]

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IMEI and IMSI numbers

Quick intros from Wikipedia: The International Mobile Subscriber Identity or IMSI is used to identify the user of a cellular network and is a unique identification associated with all cellular networks. It is stored as a 64 bit field and is sent by the phone to the network. It is also used for acquiring other details […]

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Alien vs. Zombie AKA my first try at Unity

After putting it off for WAY too long, I finally got to try Unity. I first designed a character in Adobe Fuse. Here’s what h…

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Transient Conversations

Our first animation assignment was to make a stop motion piece in groups of three. My team mates were Ustav and Scott. We used Dragonframe and a canon 5D camera. The idea was to explore how conversations have evolved over time. Here’s the final piece.  Scott and I were the actors and Utsav was the […]

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Just Dance

I learnt something new on after effects recently.. and I went crazy with it. I’m talking about the puppet pin tool. I used it to animate the male symbol in different dance moves.   Here’s the final result:   I’ve made the above video public domain, so anyone can use these animations without restriction. I […]

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Locker Unlocker

I’ve been having trouble getting used to the combination lock they’ve given me at ITP. After talking about this to a f…

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