Alien vs. Zombie AKA my first try at Unity

After putting it off for WAY too long, I finally got to try Unity. I first designed a character in Adobe Fuse. Here’s what h…

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Transient Conversations

Our first animation assignment was to make a stop motion piece in groups of three. My team mates were Ustav and Scott. We used Dragonframe and a canon 5D camera. The idea was to explore how conversations have evolved over time. Here’s the final piece.  Scott and I were the actors and Utsav was the […]

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Just Dance

I learnt something new on after effects recently.. and I went crazy with it. I’m talking about the puppet pin tool. I used it to animate the male symbol in different dance moves.   Here’s the final result:   I’ve made the above video public domain, so anyone can use these animations without restriction. I […]

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Understanding Comics (The Invisible Art)

This is a book that I’ve been reading lately, and it’s one that I’m enjoying so far. This post serves to archive my thoughts as I read this book. I will build upon this post along the way. The first things that came to mind as I picked up this book, were my favourite comics (Tintin, […]

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