Making of ‘Homicide: A Feeling’

I started this project trying to force myself to think away from screens. How would one¬†experience a map-based dataset without act…

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WiFi Snooping

As part of our Understanding Networks class, we looked into packet sniffing over WiFi networks. I downloaded Wireshark and Herbivo…

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Entropy in Passwords

I recently found one of my throwaway passwords in a random corner of the internet. It was just sitting there in plain text with my…

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Traceroute from NYU

I decided to try traceroute on different sites from NYU. I tried it on several websites, but visualized these three sites: mithru….

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Data Art – Chess Data

I first went straight to google and facebook to check out the data there. I noticed a lot of interesting data points there, but wa…

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This post serves as a summary documentation for all work done over the second half of the semester on a final idea that Chris, Nouf and I worked on. This is mostly links to documents and decks. Project Site: Final Deck: Shared Drive:   Nouf’s blog: Chris’ blog  

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Networked Media – Final

For my final, I decided to build an Adafruit wishlist collation system for ITP. A lot of us at ITP require electronic components and modules, and the usual go-to place is for us is Adafruit. The unfortunate part is that Adafruit, despite being in New York, charges for shipping, unless the order amount is greater […]

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Doing good – final week

Research notes for the past week are in this document:   Our current slide deck is accessible via the link below:  

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Algorithm to decode substitution ciphers

A few years ago, I read The Code Book by Simon Singh. At the end of the book, Singh provides a Cipher Challenge – 10 exercises to decode. For this exercise, I revisit the first challenge – a basic substitution cipher. It has been years since I looked at this book or the exercise, and […]

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Doing Good – final 4

Work in progress:

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