Solar Powered GSM-based IoT device for agriculture

Project Background The idea is to build a device to monitor moisture levels in farms remotely. This has to be a set-and-forget dev…

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Experiments with coils and magnets

The past week, Samantha Schulman (fellow ITP grad student) and I experimented generating current with coils and magnets. We began by heading to the junk shelf at ITP and pulling apart anything that seemed to use coils and magnets. Salvaging #motors from the #junkshelf at #itp A photo posted by Mithru Vigneshwara (@mithru) on Feb […]

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Locker Unlocker

I’ve been having trouble getting used to the combination lock they’ve given me at ITP. After talking about this to a f…

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(American) Football Speaker

This week, my assignment was to build something with at least two different materials, with the added constraint of not using acry…

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Resistor Colour Calculator

For my first intro to fab project, I decided to work on making a device that helps decode the colours on resistors. I’m not …

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Getting Started with MicroPython

MicroPython examples similar to Arduino’s examples folder available here. CHANGE LOG: I originally wrote that and ma…

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